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We have Frequently Asked Questions on each of our products, which includes owners manuals and answers to common questions.

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ESPRO Presses rarely break, and in the unusual situation where one does, ESPRO PRESS FILTER KITS are available on our store: ship to Canada, or ship to USA/International. ESPRO Calibrated Tampers also rarely have issues; if yours comes out of calibration or needs servicing, a CALIBRATED TAMPER SERVICE PACKAGE is also available for sale on our store: ship to Canada, or ship to USA/International.

Some retailers also sell the part you may need. Use the Find a Retailer link on the left hand side, or directly linked here: CANADA, USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND, and ASIA / AFRICA / MIDDLE EAST.

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Our customer service line is 1-844-ESPRO-CA (1-844-377-7622). Leave a message if you do not reach someone live, and we will return it typically within one business day. 

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