Let's Make Beautiful Coffee & Tea Together

We designed the ESPRO PRESS P3 so it's easy to make coffee and tea you'll love. Every cup is double filtered, so there's no grit to ruin your day. The glass is stronger and stays warmer than a traditional press. And the design stops extraction instantly, so you last sip is a good as your first.



Ever Wonder How Good Your Cup can taste?

We took the best parts of a traditional press (flavor, simplicity) and left out the worst (grit in your cup) with our patented double micro-filter. Just add coffee grounds or tea, then hot water. Stir. Wait 4-5 minutes. Press. Enjoy.

Espro Press P3 Diagram
DSC_6647 filter.jpg

Breakthrough Tea Filtration

Our new double tea micro-filter sweeps leaves into an isolated chamber to stop the brew. You will get perfect extraction that stops precisely, and you can easily re-steep your loose leaf tea many times without a mess.


Durable Glass

A two-year collaboration with German manufacturer Schott-Duran delivered glass that is 40% thicker than a traditional French press, so it's more durable and keeps things toasty.

Espro Press P3 Safety Lock.jpg

United We Stand

The ESPRO Press P3 has a unique patented Safety Lock™ to keep the glass in place while you pour, yet releases easily with a twist.




  • Available two sizes:

    • 18 oz (makes 1.5-2 US cup, 3-4 EU cup)

    • 32 oz (makes 3-4 US cup, 6-8 EU cup)

  • Coffee press includes double-microfilters with twist-lock for easy separation

  • Tea press includes new tea-specific double-microfilter

  • Schott-Duran made-in-Germany glass, 40% thicker than industry standard French presses, with functional form to automatically close and seal the tea filter to prevent over-extraction; patent-pending safety-lock robotically assembled to ensure precise placement

  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free

  • Patented and global patents pending



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