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The P7 is the king of all French presses, and the culmination of our efforts to design and engineer the ultimate way to make coffee and tea.

Filters Twice, Like No Other

Under the hood you’ll find ESPRO’s patented double micro-filter, for the cleanest cup you can get. The two patented filters are 9-12 times finer than a common French Press. They get beneath the grinds and filter twice, leaving all of the flavor and none of the grit. It’s so much more advanced than any other press on the market that many customers tell us it’s the last coffee maker they’ll ever buy. At least they saved the best for last.

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Hot for Hours, No Glass to Break

Two vacuum insulated stainless walls keep your coffee hot, and the outside wall cool. Brew now, and serve later.

And with no glass to break, it might be the last press you buy.


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Fit for the finest tabletop

The design makes a statement. The mirror stainless steel surface reflects the environment around it.

Leave it out. Show it off. We do.


Endures the mountain top

Take your ESPRO® Press anywhere. It is light enough to carry, and robust enough to survive practically anything.


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Also perfect for tea and more

Filters and strains almost any water or beverage, hot or cold. Perfect for loose-leaf tea! Bartenders are using it to make tonic-water. Foodies are making vanilla extracts.

The full list of uses is still being written by all of our customers.


Compare Fine Coffees, Side by Side

Create flights of coffees that showcase the nuanced flavors of different coffees side by side, and stay hot long enough to allow enjoyment over time. Creating this experience is easy!

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Best in Class Specifications

  • Available in TWO sizes:

    • MEDIUM makes 18 oz (1.5-2 US cup, 3-4 EU cup)

    • LARGE makes 32 oz (3-4 US cups, 6-8 EU cups)

  • Contains two patented micro-filters

  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free

  • Stainless steel container, double-walled, vacuum-insulated

  • Globally patented




Highlights from online reviews (see our Buzz page for many more reviews):

"A Sludge-Free French Press" - Florence Fabricant, New York Times

"It definitely achieves its goal to bring a press-pot cup of coffee without the grit [...] since it's noticeably lighter and cleaner I'm almost tempted to put it in its own category" - Popular Science

"[A] fantastic, innovative press pot [...] It is a one of a kind, dual filtration press pot method that leads to better tasting, less sediment coffee." - Mark Prince, CoffeeGeek.com

"A legitimate [Kickstarter] success story" - Josh Ozerski, Time Magazine

"Drink a Cleaner, Tastier Cup of French Press Coffee in the Morning" - Gizmodo



Mastering the ESPRO Press


Go to school on us! We demonstrate every step in the  owner's manual - how to assemble, clean, make the perfect cup, and troubleshoot your ESPRO® Press.  When we say easy this is easy to master, we mean it!


And for more detailed instructions, please read the ESPRO® Press instruction manual for Coffee and Tea