Ten years later - The Espro Manifesto

It was about ten years ago that the first Espro product was born on a paper napkin in a coffee shop. At the time, one of our founders had purchased an expensive espresso machine and grinder setup, and the best possible beans, with the paycheck from about a month or two of work.

The coffee was terrible. 

How could it be - Bruce and Chris wondered over a coffee in Vancouver - that so much money bought such poor reliability in quality coffee? Methodical engineers by training, we studied the possible causes: Water. Coffee. Milk. Equipment temperature. Cleanliness. Tamping. Milk frothing. Cup temperature. Then, we started work on a little company to improve coffee quality... thus far working on tamping, milk steaming, and most recently coffee-at-home. 

Where are we, then, as an industry 10 years later?  Making progress, but still in our infancy. We have learned that improving coffee continues to be a collective effort, requiring sustained action from everyone - farmers, roasters, equipment innovators, shops, restaurants and passionate consumers.

So - 10 years later - we're publishing our manifesto as a call to arms - the 5 things we believe are needed to make coffee better for everyone...

  1. We should know where our coffee comes from, what country, what co-op or farm, and whether a fair-price was paid
  2. Our coffee label, shop or server should be able to tell us what flavors to expect in what we have purchased
  3. We should be able to actually taste the coffee flavors we were told to expect, and the flavors should blow our socks off
  4. Our coffee equipment should work and be easy to learn, teach and use
  5. We should celebrate the coffees we serve by serving them with care, thoughtfully pairing them with complementing flavors and textures of foods, and teaching others to appreciate this drink as we do with fine wines 

These items guide everything we're working on. Watch our blog for an ongoing dialogue about these items, and our quest to make the perfect cup!

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