ESPRO + Williams-Sonoma

We are thrilled to announce that the ESPRO® Press is now available online, and across North America in stores at haute-cuisine retailer Williams-Sonoma. In their words, the ESPRO Press is "a french press like nothing you have seen before". They have cleared considerable shelf space of other products and brands, to help bring all sizes of "your perfect cup" of grit-free-press-coffee to every store in their network. 

All year we have asked ourselves: Can a small coffee equipment upstart break in to mainstream retail? We are learning the answer is yes, if the product is great, the quality of construction high, and the coffee it serves incredible. 

Can this move help all of our Third Wave coffee community? Again, I strongly believe YES! Many foodies will put hours into cooking a meal, research into choosing their wines, yet make their coffees in a plastic pod without thought to age or bean quality.

We will use our platform to not just introduce the ESPRO Press, but to also introduce as many third-wave microroasters to Williams-Sonoma customers as we have time to coordinate! How? Through in-store tastings hosted by local roasters across the US and Canada! [Want your roaster to participate? Contact us!] It is our way of giving back by working to expose even more people to the genius Third Wavers in our midst.

Quality fresh coffee is incredible. Single varietals taste different from one another. Each can complement different foods. Different brewing methods have their place - there is a time for convenience, and a time for tasting.

And when it comes to tasting the finest freshest coffees, at the tabletop, we will continue to work to earn your trust! 

- Bruce

ESPRO Press in 2013 Fall Williams Sonoma catalog

ESPRO Press in 2013 Fall Williams Sonoma catalog