Getting the last drop out of an ESPRO Press

Why do you see coffee at the bottom of my press as you remove the plunger after you pour out the pot? Can you get that last bit of coffee out?

Good questions!  

The reason there is coffee under the press is because the filters are so fine they require pressure for the liquid to pass through them. After you press it down, there is no more pressure, so the liquid and coffee beneath the filter does not readily pass through the filters into the pot you are drinking from. For the majority of you this is a very good thing: the extraction stops in the pot, and the last sip tastes like the first! 

If you want to get that last bit of coffee into your cup, and don't mind it being over extracted and stronger tasting than the rest of your cup, simply pump the rod as you pour after you have poured out the pot. We've made a handy video to show you what we mean.

Happy pressing! Call if you have difficulties!  1-844-ESPRO-CA,

Bruce Constantine