Espro Founders Story

Whether hiking the mountains or sailing the seas, your brew of choice should never have to be compromised – and that is just what we at Espro have aimed to do.

2002 saw the birth of Espro, when Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean met for a coffee and sketched the first Espro product, the Calibrated Tamper, on the back of a napkin. All in the hope to simply ‘Make it Better’.

The beginning of Espro quite literally saw calibrated tampers being built and shipped from Chris’  basement suite in Vancouver BC. An engineering graduate from UBC, Chris is no stranger to designing new and innovative products. As a coffee lover, he was determined to find a way of making barista worthy coffee at home.

Bruce spend many summers with his Grandmother in Costa Rica, where he was first introduced to coffee, which led to a long-time obsession. While studying at McGill University and MIT, his love of coffee didn’t waiver. After graduating, he spent his first paycheck on fancy espresso equipment.

When Bruce met Chris, they immediately hit it off over their shared caffeine addiction, which eventually led to them both leaving their jobs to pursue their passion and so Espro was born.

Starting with the tamper, they moved on to engineering the perfect toroid pitcher, designed to steam milk to its ideal texture. Then came the French Press. The P7, also known as the ‘King of the French Press’ was the first of many to join the Espro Press line up. The carafe may differ from press to press but one thing always remains; our patented double micro mesh filter. Our filtration system has played a key role in sticking to our mission of ‘Making it Better’.

Vancouver is almost a playground for people on the move. May it be hiking, snow boarding or simply running the sea wall, both Chris and Bruce saw the opportunity to create a product to allow people to have beautifully home brewed coffee, all while on the move. And so the Travel Press made its appearance.

2018 will be an exciting year for Espro. With new products in the pipeline and a brand new Ultralight Kickstarter campaign kicking of in January, Espro has something for everyone. Stay tuned as we once again, get ahead of the game. 

Kathy Chan