an introduction to the world brewers cup competition

The World Brewers Cup is one of the newest competitions put on by the World Coffee Events LTD organization. This competition features coffee brewing by hand and “seeks to promote manual coffee brewing and service excellence.” At Espro, we get really excited when we hear the words “manual brewing” because we happen to be quite fond of our choice manual brewing device: the Espro Press! We have been delighted to have witnessed the completion three times – the US finals in Houston, the world finals in Maastricht, and the Canadian finals in Victoria. Competitors can use any brewing device they choose, but must abide by the following rule: it must be mechanical; powered by manual action, gravity, or created by the action of brewing coffee itself (as pressure in vacuum brewers). A myriad of brewing devices and brewing styles are seen in use during the competition.

A Brewers Cup competition has two rounds. The first round includes all competitors, and the second round includes only the finalists, the six highest ranking baristas from the previous day. During Round 1, competitors must use the whole bean coffee provided to them, and all competitors brew the same coffee. Competitors have a total of 7 minutes to prepare and serve beverages, and no presentation or demonstration is allowed. Judging at this level is based on sensory perceptions and TDS measurements; measured on a scale from 0 (unacceptable) to 10 (extraordinary). In Round 2, the competition heats up! Competitors may choose any whole bean coffee of their choosing. The Baristas involved in this competition spend months selecting which coffee they want to serve, which brewing device they will use, and how they’re going to describe the coffee to clearly represent the coffee taste experience. Competitors have a total of 10 minutes to prepare and serve the coffee, and they are expected to have a presentation that enhances the taste perception. Judging at this level includes the sensory perceptions as well as TDS measurements, but is highly based on the level of service, and how well the competitors’ description of the coffee matches their experience.

Since this competition is so new, we’re looking forward to seeing its progression in years to come. So to all of you budding baristas out there, if you are passionate about sharing your coffee knowledge, get those manual brewing devices out and start brewing!



Espro is a Sponsor of the WCE convention. We would extend a sponsorship to Barista’s interested in participating in the WBC competition with an Espro Press. For more information please contact

Bruce Constantine