kickstarters: large press purchase orders issued!

Hello all - We wanted to provide a quick status update, to let you know how production is going!

All week we ran countless tests to optimize filtration, and drank phenomenal coffee using the pre-production prototypes. We have also gone back and forth with our vendors to ensure the pre-production units are up to our exacting quality standards. The coffee we have been having on the press tastes incredible! Bruce's favorite so far is a Ugandan Peaberry ( Chris' favorite (this week) is the Anjilanaka Organic Bolivia (, with flavours of apple, honey and caramel.

On February 3, we issued the last purchase order, which is an important milestone. Our role will now change to ensuring that production runs go smoothly, that every item meets our exacting quality standards, and that scheduling and shipping of components between vendors go smoothly. This is still a very active role in any project, so we will stay very busy!

As production ramps up and the products come together, we'll tell you about each element of the product, so you will be well acquainted with your press when it arrives!

We're also pushing hard in the background to get the word out in publications and magazines. We hope to make some announcements on exciting developments soon.

Here's a nice image of the last pre-production plated handle.

Bruce Constantine