update from SCAE maastricht 2011

Well, it's hard to believe, but it's almost been a month since Chris, our general manager and savvy designer, returned from the SCAE event in Maastricht. Chris represented Espro at the Brew Bar, and spent a great deal of his time brewing coffee for the masses. Like any great success (or any convention for that matter), there was some chaos to contend with in the beginning...

The initial chaos paid off, once the Brew Bar was set up...

Chris attended numerous events, and spent his time hobknobing with the likes of coffee and espresso's leading men, Keith O'Sullivan and James Hoffman, and many other competitiors hailing from international locations.

Evenings were spent attending the numerous events put on during the two-day event; the first being a reception at Town Hall, followed by 'Breakfast with the Champions', a Coffee Kids fundraiser, and on the last night, the Natvia Sweet Fantasy Barista Party.

Unfortunately, Chris forgot the costume he had intended on wearing at the Sweet Fantasy Party. I'm sure he would have fit right in with these guys if he had remembered to pack it... next time, Chris.

There was a total of six competitions that took place throughout the two days, and each competitor took an Espro Press home with them in their goodie bags. We look forward to their valuable feedback and support. We'd like to thank all of the organizers, volunteers, and staff that helped make this fantastic event possible, their hard work and dedication to the industry is truly inspiring.

You can check out the full photo-set here.

Bruce Constantine