spotlight on the espro press handle

We would like to invite you into the product development process, by focusing on one part of the design: the Espro handle!

We wanted this to be more than your average plastic button. So, we are casting and plating it! The first shot here is both presses together, showing the relative size.

The large handle hasn't been plated, so it doesn't shine yet. This prototype is to make sure that we are happy with the detail in the mold.

The second photo shows a top view of the two handles again. The large one is 45 mm (1.77") in diameter and weighs 66.5 g (2.34 oz) unplated. It is hefty!

The third photo is a front view. The large one is 21.5 mm (0.85") tall.

We think you are going to be proud to put this out on the table for guests! Please support our Kickstarter project by pre-ordering a large Espro Press here!

Bruce Constantine