kickstarter launch: wrapping up production

Our last Kickstarter update covered the lip seal and o-ring. This time we are updating you on the containers and the top (secondary) filter.

The Container

Containers are complete and in our warehouse. We are extremely happy with them, and we think you will be too.

Most common French Presses are made of single wall glass, which is easily broken, and loses temperature quickly. There are some double wall stainless steel presses, but they are typically not vacuum insulated.

The Espro Press is double wall stainless steel with vacuum insulation. This has three benefits.

First, the brew temperature stays very consistent during the brew process, which means that you can extract a very precise flavour profile. As you vary the brew temperature, different flavours are emphasized, and you can tune the temperature for the optimal flavour.

Second, the coffee pours hot, and stays hot. Please be careful when you pour, and let the coffee cool slightly before your first sip. The double filter also isolates the grounds from the coffee, so there is less extraction after filtering. This means you can leave the coffee in the press longer than with a common French Press.

Third, this container will be around for a long time! They are incredibly durable. Each press weighs 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) total. This means no more glass to clean up and replace.

Here are the presses stacked up and ready for packaging.

And here they are ready to ship to our warehouse.

The Top (Secondary) Filter

Top filters were molded last Thursday, and the lip seal and o-ring assembled to them. Here is a picture of the first batch.

The top filter is your second line of defence against grinds in your cup. It also holds the lip seal, o-ring, and the nut that the handle screws into. There is a lot going on in this part! Many thanks to our Vancouver vendor - they have worked very hard to get this part right for you.

Next Steps

The bottom (primary) filters will be molded on Monday March 26, and the brace will be molded on Tuesday March 27. Wednesday March 28 we complete assembly by putting the filters into the presses.

Shipping to Kickstarter customers will start on March 29/30!

Bruce Constantine