Our recipe for brewing with the ESPRO PRESS

Within the ESPRO Press MASTERCLASS VIDEO (at 2:17, to be exact) we flash up our favorite recipe for coffee making with an ESPRO Press. Some of you have asked us for a printable/easy-reference version... here it is! 

2013 EPSRO® Press recommended coffee recipe.png

You will also notice that in the same video (at 2:04, to be exact) we also show what our target grind looks like. For ease of reference, the image we include shows grinds on the top of your ESPRO Press knob. We chose that because we know that this is something that EACH OF YOU HAS and can compare what you are grinding easily. Here is the picture, for easy reference.

ESPRO® Press target grind image.png

The MASTERCLASS video is found on near the bottom of the ESPRO Press webpage, and also in its own FAQ (http://espro.ca/faq-espro-press/2013/8/29/please-show-me-how-to-use-the-espro-press).

Bruce Constantine