Does the ESPRO Press I purchased have 2 filters in the box?

Good question! We would ask the same thing in your shoes. EVERY ESPRO® PRESS SHIPS WITH TWO FILTERS... however - and pay attention here - the SMALL ESPRO Press filter design looks different from the MEDIUM and LARGE. 

The SMALL ESPRO PRESS has a primary filter shaped like a barrel (we call it a "barrel filter") and a flat secondary filter. The MEDIUM and LARGE sizes have one barrel primary filter nested into a barrel secondary filter. All three sizes are tuned to serve similar coffee. Your stores should NOT BE CONCERNED about buying whichever makes the volume that you most want to consume in a sitting - personal one cup = SMALL, more to share or a big cup to hoard = MEDIUM, enough for a table = LARGE. 

These differences in the designs are explained in the first minute of our MASTERCLASS VIDEO.  (Where is that? Halfway down the ESPRO Press webpage, in the "RESOURCES" section; or in our FAQ's, which you can quick link to at 

To help you see simply, we have created the infographic below - sendable as an image - that can be viewed on any handheld to a friend or relative! In the diagram are 4 photos, 2 of each design. Each photo references the exact time in the MASTERCLASS video that the images are shown, so that you can go and view the video again (or for the first time). 

Bruce Constantine