want consistency behind the bar?

Have you ever noticed that the most perfect espresso is still made by hand at a semi-automatic espresso machine, and served in a ceramic cup?

We are very suspicious of push-button espresso machines. They do the same thing every time, but they commonly do the same things wrong every time. Better than bad, yet not beautiful. 

And we are very suspicious of drinks served in closed-lid disposable cups. The lid hides poor milk-foaming and pouring technique. Yes it lets us travel and walk with our drinks, but it mostly allows shops to hide unattractive and inconsistent drinks. 

Find out why marquee shops, and manufacturers like La Marzocco, trust ESPRO to create consistency from their espresso machines.

want 3rd wave quality quality at the tabletop?

The vast majority of the world's restaurants still offer no choices of coffees or teas on their menu. 

By contrast, leading shops respect the drink from source to cup, and create tremendous value and excitement in the process. They create menus of single varietal coffees and teas that are in season, make the drink immediately before its consumed, and do not provide a bottomless cup. They reinforce the experience with conversation.

The ESPRO Press does this, at the table. It unlocks slow conversations about coffee. It enables 3rd wave room service. It enables flights and tastings. 

Find out how shops, restaurants and hotels can make $100 extra per day, every day, using ESPRO.