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The ESPRO Press is designed to take your carefully crafted preferences – the bean and roast, the leaf – and marry them with a perfected environment for brewing.

Two innovations are at the heart of the process. First, ESPRO’s patented double micro-filters give you the distinct, rich flavor you expect, without all the mess associated with a traditional press. And second, the design of the press and filters prevents over-extracted coffee or tea from entering your beverage once the plunger is pushed down.



introducing the Espro Press



the five minute master class

This video goes into more detail of how to brew coffee with the Espro Press.



How it Works



Three brewing Methods


french press

For French-press coffee lovers, the ESPRO Press accomplishes what was previously impossible: deep and rich flavor, with all the aromatic oils, yet without any grit in their cup.

pour-over style

Pour-over coffee lovers get ultra-clean, oil-free coffee simply by adding our optional paper filters.


And tea lovers get perfect extraction that stops precisely, and can easily be re-steeped multiple times without a mess.



Four models to choose from

The Espro Press is at home anywhere from the tabletop to the mountaintop.

Choose your design.