Resolving shoulder strain while tamping. AKA "Barista Shoulder"


Baristas can often pull up to 200 shots of espresso per day! What seems like a minimal amount of physical effort can actually put a lot of strain on your body over time. Baristas are prone to developing wrist and shoulder pain from repetitive pressure being put on these isolated muscle groups.

Fortunately, this can be minimized! There’s a proper tamping technique that can be used when pulling shots that can keep shoulders from being strained. This technique is used by many baristas around the globe and is an easy solution to “barista shoulder”.

Hold your thumb and forefinger against the base of the tamper. Press the tamper with your arm formed in a right angle position. Stop tamping when you’ve reached 30 lbs of force (when you feel your ESPRO Calibrated tamper ‘click’). This method can reduce pressure being put on your wrist and shoulder.

Let us know what you think! What techniques do you use when mass producing espresso?