Grind Size

It’s a new month and ESPRO’s kicking it off with a blog post on coffee grind size and its importance for brewing a consistent and quality brew.

The grind of beans contributes significantly to the overall coffee results. There are many methods of brewing coffee and each calls for slightly different coffee grind size. For example, pour over requires a medium-fine grind since it spends very little time in contact with water, and uses a relatively fast brewing process. Comparatively, espresso calls for an even finer grind because it spends an even shorter amount of time in contact with hot water.

When it comes to brewing in an ESPRO Press, grind the beans exactly like any other French press: coarse. Since the French press is a full emersion brewing method where the coffee grinds sit in the press with hot water for upwards of 4 minutes, a grind size that won’t over extract in that time is key. Using a fine grind when brewing in a standard French press is more likely to allow grit to seep through the filter and deposit at the bottom of the cup, leaving a silty bitter taste.

ESPRO P5 w/ coffee filter

ESPRO P5 w/ coffee filter

What sets the ESPRO press apart from other French presses is the ability to prevent grit from seeping through a cup of coffee. The two layers of steel mesh are nine and twelve times finer than a standard French press and filters twice, leaving all of the flavour and none of the grit.

Cheers to a clean cup of grit-free coffee.