If you emphasize home or lifestyle

Those exclusively with a home or lifestyle focus emphasize the ESPRO Press. It delivers a premium grit-free cup compared to any other French Press. 

Those that also have an espresso machine offering are well served by our high-science accessories. Our Calibrated Tamper provides a gentle tactile "click" when the user compresses the ideal 30 lbs of tamping force. Our Toroid Steaming Pitcher is the easiest way to get consistent smooth milk foam from espresso machines. Both products reduce return rates of espresso machines by making it easier to get great results at home. 

Join some of the most discriminating retail brands in the world, and make some room for ESPRO.

If you emphasize coffee or tea

Your brand needs to make and serve the finest coffees and teas at the table. Our ESPRO Press does that, by design, and won't break under heavy use. Our calibrated tampers and steaming pitchers simplify staff training and ensure that everyone does the same thing every time. 

Retailing ESPRO in your store tells your customers that you want them to enjoy perfection at home too. Providing ESPRO as part of your restaurant service program ensures that your brand is well represented when it matters most - in the cup - when you're not watching and everyone is judging.

Find out how ESPRO is supporting retail at the top shops, Michelin Starred restaurants, and hotels.