ESPRO Press Replacement Filter

ESPRO Press Replacement Filter

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Did you pierce or damage your ESPRO® PRESS filter and seals? Do you want a dedicated filter kit for making tea? Keep your PRESS out of the landfill and making perfect grit free press coffee and tea for years and years! 

Each kit includes primary and secondary filters, and all seals installed. Just unscrew your old filter, put on your new filter, and you're in business! 

Choose this Full Replacement Filter if one of these three conditions is true...

  1. You notice grinds in your cup AND you inspect your primary or secondary filter and discover a tear.
  2. If you have lost either the primary (lower) or secondary (upper) filter, or the filter brace (medium and large, only).
  3. If you have damaged the plastic structure of one of your filters (e.g., by leaving it on a hot stove top). 

Just make sure you purchase the right sized kit for the size of press you own!

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