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When people ask us what we do, we tell them we make the best French Presses in the world. If you cannot find what you're looking for in one of your local stores, we aspire to have you find it here! 

ESPRO Press P5
from 59.95
ESPRO Press P3
from 39.95


eSPRO PRESS Accessories



ESPRO espresso Gear

The ESPRO brand was invented as a mashup of two words: Espresso and Professional. Our first focus was improving the performance 



Factory Direct - Seconds and Repairs

We have high standards. A scratch or ding means we don't feel good about selling a product at full price. We also don't like landfills. So we sometimes have a few seconds we can send out, with the same great ESPRO Guarantee. And we always try to help with repairs. 


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