Achieve your Flow

Painters have brushes. Writers have pens. For coffee artists, there’s the ESPRO Toroid Pitcher. When you pick up the Toroid Pitcher, it just feels right. You can see the milk circulating evenly on all sides and creating perfect microfoam – bubbles so small they’re practically invisible.

And Pour out Your Imagination

And when you are ready to craft the perfect drink, the precise sharp draws the milk together and lets you pour closer to the surface and with greater detail than ever before.

DSC_7230 2.357-1 1000px.jpg

Larger Handles Fit any hand

The large handle keeps your hand cool, and away from the pitcher wall. And with six welds, it is safe and secure, even under the heaviest use.



easy-read lines

Fill lines make it easy to repeat your recipe, and reduce waste. They are like a ruler for your milk, easy to read both inside and out.. 

ESPRO TOROID easy read fill lines.jpg
DSC_7242 2.357-1 1000px.jpg

Improved Spout For Better Latte Art

The sharper spout draws milk and milk foam together, so you can pour with greater detail than ever before.

Let your imagination go wild!


Ready, Aim, Steam

Perfected milk flows are created by the unique shape, which includes a simple bump in the center and the unique wall shape.

Aim at it for a perfect toroidal (donut-shaped) milk flow. Aim beside it for a perfect vortex. Steaming as easy as ready - aim - fire.

ESPRO TOROID steaming pitcher spot to aim.jpg
DSC_3746 - 2.35x1 small.png

Feedback That Is Easy to See

Looking down into the steaming pitcher, you can see an even flow of milk coming up all sides of the pitcher.

Easy to see. Easy to teach. Easy to achieve consistent microfoam!


Harness All the Steam You Have

Not all machines have a ton of steam! The pitcher's patent pending shape amplifies your steam, efficiently directing the milk flow along the walls and back to the steam tip.

Perfect milk flow is achieved by design, not by chance.

Watch this video to see what we mean!


Here are some highlights from online reviews (see our Buzz page for many more reviews)...

There's gimmicks, and then there's the new Toroid pitcher, which really does work as advertised. What I especially like is that the pitcher works just fine for seasoned milk texturing experts in a traditional manner, but also aids at creating microfoam for the newbie, when they simply point the steam wand down the middle of the pitcher. - Mark Prince, (see Mark's detailed review)

"I love when an item does what it says it can do. I bet I've saved $20 in milk over the past few months, as well as enjoying some awesome steamed milk as a companion to my .... espresso. .... 10 on 10" - Robert Jason,

"In the absence of real skill, the right tool can go a long way. I picked up the large Espro toroid pitcher, and I can already see some improvements in my microfoam and subsequent [latte] art" - RL

"The first time I used it, my microfoam went from amateur hour to excellent. Believe the hype, cause this thing really works!" - CZ

"It really should be called MICROFOAM FOR IDIOTS, because it makes it nearly impossible to screw up. Highly recommended!" - JM

"I expected a gimmick, but I am impressed. It works." - HH




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